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We, the undersigned, request sustained global pressure onto the Islamic Republic of Iran to curtail its systemic violation of human rights, which they do with seeming impunity. Among an alarming number of human right activists in Iran's jails sits Narges Mohammadi, the 2023 Nobel Peace Laureate who has devoted decades of her life to non-violent advocacy of human rights and gender equality in Iran. We demand immediate and unconditional release of Narges Mohammadi, as well as repeal of all illegal and inhumane charges and convictions against her. We are particularly concerned about Mohammadi’s health and wellbeing, as she is currently being denied an urgent medical procedure for a life-threatening heart condition. We are therefore joining other civil society and international human rights groups in calling for Narges Mohammadi’s immediate release from prison so that she can seek the essential medical care, reunite with her family, and receive the well-deserved recognition at the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony on December 10th in Oslo.  For the past several decades, Narges Mohammadi has been a key force of the Iranian women’s rights movement, fighting for equality, freedom, and justice in the face of repression and violence as perpetuated by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Her fierce dedication to plural democracy, rule of law, and non-discrimination has resulted in extensive human rights campaigns, including the One Million Signatures Campaigns for reform of discriminatory laws, to abolish the death penalty, to Stop Honor Killings, as well as for voluntary veiling in opposition to Iran’s tyrannical mandatory hijab laws.  The Islamic Republic authorities have consistently feared Mohammadi's steadfast devotion to the protection of human rights, plural democracy and social justice. As a means to forcefully silence her, they have thus far arrested her 13 times, convicted her 5 times, and sentenced her to a total of 31 years in prison and 154 lashes. Throughout her imprisonment, Mohammadi has been subject to extensive mental and physical torture while her right to due process, under Iran’s own laws, has been repeatedly violated.   The Iranian authorities’ cruelty against Mohammadi has increased substantially in recent years. Her dire health situation, which is rapidly deteriorating as a result of the Islamic Republic regime’s intentional and blatant disregard for her health, is currently placing her life at risk. On November 15, 2023 the Judiciary prosecutor of the Islamic Republic announced that she will be denied the suggested medical procedure at the hospital unless she wears the compulsory hijab to receive the treatment. Mohammadi has however refused this condition out of solidarity with the women and girls who are risking their lives and freedoms to resist mandatory hijab in Iran. Mohammadi has defiantly declared that “I will stand for freedom and equality even with the cost of my life, and I will not rest until democracy is realized. I will resist "forced hijab" not just in words but in action, as Mahsa, Nika, Ghazaleh, Sarina, & Armita have done and paid with their lives.” In the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize award statement the Nobel Committee correctly recognized “the hundreds of thousands of people who, in the preceding year, have demonstrated against Iran’s theocratic regime’s policies of discrimination and oppression targeting women,” emphasizing the importance of non-violent and women-led protests for democracy and freedom in Iran. We, the undersigned, echo this sentiment and commend the bravery of Iranian people to protest injustice and oppression in their fight for “Woman, Life, Freedom”.


Homa Hoodfar

Women Rights Activist & Professor, Concordia University

Hadi Ghaemi

Executive Director, Center for Human Rights in Iran

Julie Miville-Dechêne

Senator of the Parliament of Canada

Sénatrice - Parlement du Canada 

Kaveh Shahrooz

Lawyer, Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Mansoureh Shojaee

Women Rights Activist, Writer & Guest Researcher, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Ammar Maleki

Assistant Professor, Tilburg University

Daniella Sepehri

German-Iranian Activist

Daniela Jauk-Ajamie

Assistant Professor, University of Akron

Majid Pourostad

Lawyer & Founder, Nations Gate Consulting

Judith Howard

Professor Emerita, University of Washington

Freshta Karimi

Human Rughts Activist, Founder and Director of Da Qanoon Ghushtonky

Shahla Haeri

Professor of Anthropology, Boston University

Laura Carpenter

Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University

Sherazad Adib

Women Rights Activist

Susan H. Lee

President of US Women's Caucus

Reza Moridi

Former Parliamentarian and Minister of Ontario

Ratna Omidvar

Senator of the Parliament of Canada

Ali Mostashari

Chief Executive Officer, Lifenome

Ozlem Altiok

Principal Lecturer, University of North Texas

Mahdieh Golroo

Feminist, Jurnalist & Analyst

Alexandre Boulerice

Member of Parliament - Canada

Député de Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

Cinzia Solari

Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston

Paola Rivetti

Associate Professor, Dublin City University

Humaira Rasuli

Human Rights Lawyer and Women Empowerment Activist

Faizun Zackariya

Director, Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum

Kaveh Kermanshahi

Human Rights Activist and Researcher

Arsalan Kahnemuyipour

Professor, University of Toronto

Peyman Jafari

Assistant Professor, William & Mary University

Mehrangiz Kar

Human Rights Activist, Siamak Pourzand Foundation

Nazanin Afshin-Jam

Founding Member, Iranian Justice Collective

Kylie Moore-Gilbert

Political Scientist. Author and former Iran prisoner

Sally Armstrong

Author, Journalist, and Human Rights Activist

Rezvan Moghaddam

Women Rights Activist

Elizabeth Ziff

Assistant Professor, University of Indianapolis

Nimâ Machouf

Membre de l'Association des Femmes Iraniennes de Montréal

Annie Hikido

Assistant Professor, Colby College

Myra Marx Ferree

Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Afshin Afshin Jam

Human Rights and political analyst, Canadians for Democracy in Iran

Farzaneh Milani

Professor, University of Virginia

Ava Homa

Author and Lecturer

Yasi Agah

Author and Non Profit Leader

Eve Wurtele

Professor, Iowa State University

Saeid Dehghan

Human Rights Lawyer, Director of Parsi Law Consultancy

Mona Tajali

Associate Professor, Agnes Scott College

Farid Rohani

Honorary Colonel at British Columbia Regiment

Damon Golriz

Lecturer, Hague University of Applied Sciences 

Colleen Wynn

Assistant Professor, University of Indianapolis

Mariam Claren

Activist and daughter of political prisoner Nahid Taghavi, cellmate of Narges Mohammadi

Nayereh Tohidi

Professor, California State University

Hossein Raeesi

Lawyer, Professor and legal director at Carleton University

S.L Crawley

Associate Professor, University of South Florida

Ali Rahnama

Executed Director, National Assembly of Iranian Jurists

Mehrdad Babadi

Research Associate, Brown University

Michelle Quay

Visiting Lecturer of Persian at Brown University

Arialle Crabtree

Lecturer, Mississippi State University.

Laura Carpenter

Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University

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